Battling Spondylitis From A Young Age

I’ve always dreamed of success in my life. From a very young age, I worked hard to achieve the best outcomes of any situation I faced. I loved computers and tinkered with them every chance I got. Since my family could afford just one, outdated computer, I took up a job at a computer repair shop so I could learn about them. My parents were proud of me for taking a lead to pursue my passion. They saved up and managed to put me through a good college.

I worked with dedication for good grades. Participated in various competitions and proved my merit. With this attitude, after graduation I was able to secure my first job as an IT specialist. I couldn’t wait to be a big name in this field!

Then, at the age of 23 came my first hindrance. I felt pain in the legs, knees and back. I set up an appointment with an orthopedic. After examination, the ortho decided to put my feet in a cast. Alas, that did not show any improvement. I moved on to consulting a rheumatologist.

From a series of tests that followed, I was eventually diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, a rare inflammatory bone disease. I began treatment immediately with drugs methotrexate and etoricoxib (as needed). I tried to balance my work life despite all the pain, but in the end, I couldn’t. I lost my job after a few years.

It was a big blow to me. I still had so many goals to achieve. My parents stood by me, supporting me through the illness.

I was prescribed a new treatment later on. The doctor advised me to reduce my meat intake to once a week. I was asked to eat more fish and vegetables and exercise whenever and however I was able to. I tried my best to stay true to my treatment. It’s difficult to heal when you have a negative mindset, so I made sure I was paying attention to my mental health as well. The treatment and my mindset thus helped improve my condition.

The new treatment worked wonders on me. If I didn’t inject it, I couldn’t stand on my own, walk or even sit down. But now, I’m walking properly and even exercising mildly. With more determination and positivity, I will surely be back in full swing!

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