A Young Monk’s Fight Against Pain

As a young monk, I was on the path of dedicating my life to the service of others while spreading endless knowledge. I suffered from lower back pain for nearly three years, and I never thought of getting it checked. I paid the price for that; when I finally visited the doctor, she showed me X-rays of my inflamed hip bone.

The inflammation was severe according to my test results. The pain and morning stiffness in my back was relentless. The diagnosis was of ankylosing spondylitis with a high disease activity. I knew I had to get better if I wanted to continue my journey as a monk, so I started with the treatment immediately. I refused to let pain interrupt my practice.

I started receiving an etanercept injection weekly. The therapy was highly effective; within a short span of just seven days, my inflammation and pain symptoms started to recede. After a month of following the treatment regimen, my disease activity was well under control. My periods of morning stiffness also reduced considerably. The pain was much more bearable, and my body could move more freely now.

I would advise you to get your back pain checked in time. If we want to serve others, it is imperative that we are healthy and capable ourselves. If my story resonates with you, go visit a doctor!

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