Symptoms of Osteoporosis

Symptoms of 


As such, there are no specific symptoms of Osteoporosis until a bone is broken or one or more vertebrae collapse (fracture)1

Symptoms of vertebral fracture include severe back pain, loss of height, or spine malformations such as a stooped or hunched posture (kyphosis).1

Bones affected by osteoporosis may become fragile and fractures may occur as the result of:

break in a healthy bone

Minor falls, such as a fall from standing height that would not normally cause a break in a healthy bone.


Normal stresses such as bending, lifting, or even coughing

MRI is the most accurate in making an early diagnosis and the subsequent evaluation of RA, although it is time-consuming and expensive.


However some early signs of osteoporosis that may appear before a bone breaks are as follows2

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